Meet the Team

Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Hartley

With over 40 years of experience in the publishing industry, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to MTC. With a technical background and expertise on production efficiency, Paul brings leadership to MTC driving advances in quality, service and technology. He has built a reputation for the successful servicing of very large accounts in publishing and of providing all customers with the quality and workflows they need.

Director of Operations

Myrna Ting

Myrna has headed operations in the publishing industry for many years, building successful production teams, overseeing new projects and volume increases. Myrna has worked with Paul Hartley for over 20 years where they have forged an experienced and dedicated senior management team. Myrna has established the reliable standards and practices of MTC that clients have come to value. Handling diverse projects from accounting, legal and publishing, Myrna leads all aspects of operations and maintains the company’s highest standards.

Sales and Marketing Director

Paul Martin

For over 25 years, Paul has worked with publishers on both sides of the Atlantic, in prepress and printing. He possesses extensive experience, with a complete understanding of how to apply current technology solutions to the many challenges that publishers face today. Paul’s experience with both large and small publishers enables the creation of strong partnerships for ongoing, relevant, and client-specific consultation, thus maximizing growth while controlling costs.

Vice President of Sales

Mitchell Freiberg

Mitch has been a publishing professional for over 30 years. He has worked with some of the largest publishers in the world, across all verticals (K-12, STM, legal, university press, comic books, and magazines), and in 2007 became the U.S. sales manager for a leading offshore publishing and data services provider. Through his knowledge of the industry, Mitch played a pivotal role in the recruitment of staff as well as the development of new service offerings. He is also an active member and board member for many publishing organizations.