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December 19, 2009

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Christmas Party (MTV Awards Night)

360 Bar and Restaurant, A.Venue Mall, Makati City

Company parties are an excellent way to hook up with some company personnel we rarely meet. Here, CEO Paul Hartley poses with our US-based typesetter, Gloria Peterson.

The 2009 Achorn International/MTC Christmas party (360 Bar & Restaurant, Makati) — a much-anticipated and well-attended affair.

The usual suspects line up — meet the Achorn guys (Robert, Marvin, Jeff, Dani, and Jay)

And here are the MTC ladies — Terry, Anne, Grace, Christine, Kirstine (a.k.a. Thea), Sheryl

The finalists for the "Star of the Night" award, for both male and female categories, strut their stuff (the night's motif was MTV Awards Night)

With their eye firmly fixed on the ultimate prize, The Deadmacles weaved, swayed and skipped their way on the dance floor

The Banana Boys in a well-applauded and rousing dance medley that combined sleek moves and humor — no wonder they won

The Not-So-Mean Girls, with their dark outfits and Santa caps, even managed to include a brief vocal sequence in their sleek number

The Sabado Boys (no, they're not Gregorian monk wannabes) strike a dramatic pose as they pause for maximum crowd impact.


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